Human hair extensions can be very appealing because they allow someone to instantly change their look add length and volume to natural hair. Hair extensions and wigs allow to reach long and thick hair goals.
Women who have never used hair extensions before can have a few questions about different hair extensions.
Before you buy your dream hair extensions from Dulge, it's essential to know what you are aiming to achieve from these extensions. Not all hair extensions are suitable for everyone. so, make up your mind before buying extensions.
As you might already know- there are 2 types of extensions.
  • Temporary extensions such as Clip-ins, Halo, and Ponytails.
  • Semi-Permanent extensions such as Tapes, Wefts, and I-tips.
If you are new to extensions, we recommend starting with these Temporary extensions so that you can be used to them. The most significant advantage of these extensions is that you can do these by yourself and take them in and out whenever you want to. These extensions can also be used for work, parties, weddings, and other occasions.
Semi-permanent extensions are attached to your hair, and they remain with you 24/7. Usually, these extensions are more expensive as they are of better quality. And they required more attention and care. Also, you need to go to a hairdresser to install these extensions. And, you will have to go to a hairdresser every after few weeks for a touch-up.
So now that you know the difference between extensions, you decide what you want to get. At the same time don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information. Also, consult with your hairdressers if required. 
Choosing between different hair thickness
It's important to know which one you should buy when it comes to the length and weight of your extension. Dulge offer lengths in 16’’-20" and 24" in tapes, and the rest of the extensions are in 20" and 24". So, choose your length according to your desire.
100gms-120gms weight is suitable for those who have a bit of more extended and more delicate hair. By using our 120gms, your hair will look more natural, and you will be able to add more volume and dimension to your hair.
150gms for girls who got medium length and thickness, this one is the perfect match. You will get enough hair in this volume to get your desired consistency, and you will feel and look natural.
Around 200gms   are the perfect volume who wants to have 'quite a lot of hair.' If you have shorter hair around shoulder-length or average thickness—this would be chosen for you. 185 gm weight is suitable for those with thick hair because this thick one will blend with their hair properly and give the angel look and volume that a girl always wishes for.
Difference between Wigs and Toppers
The primary purpose of Toppers is to cover up the thinning hair around the top front part of your hair.
Toppers are in between two worlds of wigs and extensions. They come in shorter length and mainly cover the crown section of head.
Many girls do not like to use wigs for a long time as they got more hair and are thick/heavy.