Care Instructions


New to Hair extensions? Or you are a regular user? Either way it’s good to know or remind yourself –how to take care of them. In this section we tried our best to explain and cover most of the care process. We understand it can be a bit difficult to follow 100% all the time but please try your best to get most out of the extensions and wigs

When you buy hair extensions or Wigs –you invest in you, for your beauty and confidence or necessity. So once that extension is yours it automatically becomes you own responsibility to look after them properly. Often times, even a great quality hair extension or wig does not last long if you don’t take proper care. Hair extensions sit slightly away from your scalp. That’s why they do not get natural oil as your own hair and they need added moisture, nutrition. So always use good quality alcohol and sulphate free Shampoo and conditioner and hair mask. There is a debate about using oils for extensions but we strongly recommend using DULGE ARGAN COLLAGEN 3 in 1 HAIR SERUM “which is one of the best in the market.

As you already know there are 2 types of hair extensions

  • Semi Permanent- Tapes, Wefts, I- tips, Micro beads and others. We call them semi permanent as they are attached to your hair.
  • Temporary- Clip Ins, Halo, Ponytails. Most of the time you use them for an occasion or whenever required.

You need to be extra careful for whatever semi permanent extension you are using as they require more care and attention. Most of the care Instructions is almost same for both types of extensions, anyway.

Clip in, halo and ponytail extensions are fashion accessory designed for short term, temporary use, just like any accessories .The more use the lower the life, however, looking after them correctly can lengthen the life and make your extensions last longer.

Remove Temporary extensions before sleeping. When Sleep wrap your hair into a loose braid or bun which will prevent hair from rubbing against your pillow and knotting. We can also recommend using a sleep cap.

Do not wash your Clip ins, Halo or Pony extensions every day. You need to wash extensions every after 4/5 times of use depending on how you use your extensions. Always use sulfate and alcohol free Shampoo and conditioner for both types. Using good quality hair mask is an option too

Hair extensions can tangle and matte up due to conditions, such as weather (humidity, dust, wind conditions), product buildup and lack of brushing. Brush from the ends upwards. Brush your hair 2 times a day with looped extensions brush, loop bristles allow brushing without causing any damage or breakage.

Continuous use of heat tools (straightener, curler) will cause extensions to dry up and snap overtime, use heat protectant spray and always use lower side of heat. We recommend up to 180 max. As regular over heat tool use can cut down life span of extensions.

Hair should not come in contact with chlorine and saltwater.

Do not sleep when your hair is wet.

Try avoiding blow dry, as natural air dry will give your extensions longer life. For temporary extensions please make sure they are dry properly before you put keep it in a box or hanger. Do not keep your extensions in humid/dam place. Make sure storage place is dry.